How To Determine If You Need A Patent

patent application

If you fancy yourself to be an inventor, there’s no better feeling than when you believe you have finally created something that is sure to change the world. Whether it’s a better mousetrap or a high-tech piece of industrial equipment, there will be many decisions to be made before bringing your product to market. One of the most important is determining if you need a patent, since this could ensure you and you alone will have exclusive rights to your invention. But while this process may sound easy, it is often anything but that. To learn more about determining the need for a patent, here are some factors to keep in mind.

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Kickstarter 101 – Protecting Your Idea

Kickstarter brings innovation to a new level with support from others through direct funding of their ideas. Started in 2009, Kickstarter is a public Benefit Corporation, resulting in billions of dollars raised to fund new projects. It is a global crowdfunding platform where successful campaigns have been launched through fifteen categories from eight sections on the site. The inventors or artists gain funds directly from their audiences this way.

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