Data Security

Peace of Mind with Data Security



In choosing to have your idea, invention, or prototype engineered and patented with the Law Office of Jerry Joseph, PLC. your information will be securely stored with the highest levels of protection available.

Military Grade Encryption

Included in the services of the Law Office of Jerry Joseph, PLC. is protecting your sensitive information with military grade encryption.
This is the best civilian grade data protection available to prevent data theft, and means your data is secured if someone were to attempt to penetrate an information database with the intention of taking or using your idea during the process of patenting it. The encryption encodes information and private communication throughout the entire process in a way that only the authorized party can read it.

IP Masking through a Virtual Private Network

We use IP address masking through a virtual private network on all devices to ensure that the access to your information through our network is sophisticatedly scrambled. This prevents unauthorized users from stealing information in any part of the process of protecting, engineering, and prototyping.

Website Security Certificates

The security certificates installed with the website of the Law Office of Jerry Joseph, PLC. offer the highest level of security for the storage of your files in the cloud for peace of mind.

A cryptographic key is bound to the details involved in use of the internet through the office’s system with small data files. A padlock is activated so that the https protocol is concealed and creates an environment with secure connections between the web server and browsers.

PGP Shredder

Another tool that can be utilized is the PGP Shredder. This completely erases all traces of data dropped into it forever with no chance of recovery to securely remove any data you might wish to delete.

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