Pay Your Bill Now or Submit Your Membership Discontinuation Payment

At the Law Office of Jerry Joseph, PLC. we offer the convenience of paying your bill instantly on our website. You can also submit your membership discontinuation payment if we did a search for you and it was determined that your idea was not genuine enough to be protected by law. 
​Navigate to the right side of this page, and you will find a payment portal. There are two options: 1. Make a single payment for a bill due and 2. membership discontinuation payment. 
​The single payment for due bill option can be used to pay a single sum of money owed from an invoice sent to you by the Law Office of Jerry Joseph PLC. Input the amount you owe, your payment information, and then click submit.
​The membership discontinuation payment option allows you to quickly and easily pay the sum of money you owe which is left from your patent, trademark or copyright search that came up un-protectable by law. This payment option should be used if you cannot pursue the legal protection of your idea and have signed up for a membership plan with the Law Office of Jerry Joseph, PLC.  Simply input the total sum you owe, which can be found on the invoice sent to you from us, and the total sum of your payment will be charged over the span of three months, in equal installments. 
We hope this option to pay your bill now makes it even more convenient to proceed through the process of innovation and move on to your next idea.

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