Reserve the Protection of Your Idea with a Deposit Today

Ideas are precious, and when they come, as innovators, we want to protect them as soon as possible.  We all know time is of the essence with a great idea. We have a solution to grant you peace of mind regarding getting started on protecting your idea, quickly.

At the Law Office of Jerry Joseph, PLC., we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to reserve the protection of your idea with a deposit today. 

For a 275-dollar deposit, you will reserve the protection of your idea with one of our team members and professional attorneys. There is no need to worry anymore about the many steps in the protection process such as patent searches, patent applications, trademark applications and much more, which can slow down the process of protecting your idea. 

We have all been up late or worked tirelessly on a great idea. For a single deposit today, you will be automatically on your way to the fastest route to total protection and ownership of your idea. 

Pick a day and time you would like to be contacted.  We will reach out to you when it is convenient for you.

If you place a deposit to protect your idea, you will receive a promo code to save 20% off of a membership plan with the Law Office of Jerry Joseph, PLC. Membership plans save you 20-25% off of your total project, and your payments are separated over the span of 12 months at equal value, with no interest financing.

If your idea cannot be protected, your membership will be quickly and easily discontinued. Learn more about our membership plans and their benefits on our membership page. 

At the Law Office of Jerry Joseph, PLC. we want to reduce the burden of protecting ideas and promote innovation. We are glad to offer these services to you in our efforts to do just that.

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