Understanding Different Trademark Symbols

Understanding Different Trademark Symbols

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Certain symbols are utilized to protect a person or business’s interests in certain types of intellectual property. These symbols include those utilized as service marks, trademarks, registered service marks, and registered trademarks. The trio of symbols associated with trade and service marks are: ™, ®, and .

A person interested in protecting an intellectual property interest in a product or service needs to have an essential understanding of these symbols. Also, a person needs to have a basic appreciation of what is involved in registering a trade or service mark in the United States or some other country.

Service Mark

A service mark is a type of symbol used in the United States and some other countries. A service mark is designed to identify intellectual property associated with some type of service. This contrasts with a trademark that is associated with a tangible product of some nature. An unregistered service mark is identified by:


A trademark is a symbol utilized in the U.S. and other nations to designate certain intellectual property associated with a particular product. The typical member of the public tends to be most familiar with a trademark than a service mark. An unregistered trademark is identified by: ™

Registered Trade or Service Mark

When a trade or service mark has been duly registered with the appropriate national trademark office in a specific country, the registered trade or service mark is Identified by: ®

Registration of Trade or Service Mark

The registration of a trade or service mark is undertaken through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. A trade or service mark registration can be undertaken online through the agency’s website.

In many instances, a person seeking to register a trade or service mark turns to the professional assistance of a skilled, reputable patent and trademark lawyer. A patent and trademark attorney has the education, skills, and experience to pursue properly the registration of a trade or service mark. Indeed, a patent and trademark lawyer can advise whether registration is necessary for the first instance.

Legal Representation to Protect a Trade or Service Mark

Legally protecting intellectual property is crucial. This includes protecting legal interests in trademark or service mark. The Law Office of Jerry Joseph represents clients of all types that have intellectual property interests that must be protected. This includes everything from invention concepts to trade or service marks.

The first step in retaining legal assistance regarding intellectual property is to schedule an initial consultation with the Law Office of Jerry Joseph. During an initial consultation, the firm provides an evaluation of your situation as well as what needs to be done to protect important legal rights and interests. There is no attorney fee charged for an initial consultation.

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